Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pressure drops on my f 24 b boiler?

The water must be going somewhere to drop the pressure. Check around the rad valves when the system is cold. It could also be that the installer failed to make a joint properly, it happens more than you would think. if it's not the valve connections and you haven't got any unexplained damp patches in the house you will have to pressure test to isolate the leak. This will involve testing by temporarily installing valves and pressurising individual pipe runs. Bit of a nightmare. Look hard for damp.

What is the fact which distinguish between Quantum and Clical algorithms?

If I find an algorithm then how can I say that whether it is quantum or clical one. Or if I want to devise a quantum algorithm how can I go for it what is the difference which makes quantum algo...aquantum algo....???

Money in the Bank and Christian?

TBH christian is the only reason i am interested in ecw. he has great technical ability and charisma. he is the kind of character perfect for mister money in the bank.

Does the LG Optimus M from Metro PCS allow you to record videos?

I am looking to buy the LG optimus around Christmas time...I was just trying to decide between that and the Huawei Ascend that just came out but IDK what phone is better. SO I was wondering if the optimus allows you to record videos like the ascend does. And also is the Ascend a smart phone or no? If you could help me out I would really appreciate it thanks so much.

William Shakespeare's sonnet 18 help?

Your idea isn't crap but it would be hard to do because it's so close to Shakespeare's. How about shall I compare thee to an ice cream cone? Thou art more delicious and cooler

Is AFL the most popular sport in the world ?

I had no idea there were so many gays in Australia!!!! 7mill eh? Seems high, but i will believe you... i've heard you guys can smell your own. Case in point.... you listen to Rusty!!!

Why did do Joe Jackson kids look like animals?

they don't look like animals, its just your view on them, which is wrong. they are all normal humans, and believe me, you probably look like a weird creature yourself.