Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pressure drops on my f 24 b boiler?

The water must be going somewhere to drop the pressure. Check around the rad valves when the system is cold. It could also be that the installer failed to make a joint properly, it happens more than you would think. if it's not the valve connections and you haven't got any unexplained damp patches in the house you will have to pressure test to isolate the leak. This will involve testing by temporarily installing valves and pressurising individual pipe runs. Bit of a nightmare. Look hard for damp.

What is the fact which distinguish between Quantum and Clical algorithms?

If I find an algorithm then how can I say that whether it is quantum or clical one. Or if I want to devise a quantum algorithm how can I go for it what is the difference which makes quantum algo...aquantum algo....???

Money in the Bank and Christian?

TBH christian is the only reason i am interested in ecw. he has great technical ability and charisma. he is the kind of character perfect for mister money in the bank.

Does the LG Optimus M from Metro PCS allow you to record videos?

I am looking to buy the LG optimus around Christmas time...I was just trying to decide between that and the Huawei Ascend that just came out but IDK what phone is better. SO I was wondering if the optimus allows you to record videos like the ascend does. And also is the Ascend a smart phone or no? If you could help me out I would really appreciate it thanks so much.

William Shakespeare's sonnet 18 help?

Your idea isn't crap but it would be hard to do because it's so close to Shakespeare's. How about shall I compare thee to an ice cream cone? Thou art more delicious and cooler

Is AFL the most popular sport in the world ?

I had no idea there were so many gays in Australia!!!! 7mill eh? Seems high, but i will believe you... i've heard you guys can smell your own. Case in point.... you listen to Rusty!!!

Why did do Joe Jackson kids look like animals?

they don't look like animals, its just your view on them, which is wrong. they are all normal humans, and believe me, you probably look like a weird creature yourself.

The Chronicles of Narnia Movies?

I know that they made The Chronicles of Narni: the lion with and the wardrobe. But, what about the others? Why did they make that one first?

When machine guns are fired up into the air, why don't these bullets cause damage when they return to earth?

If their trajectory were straight up, they would go a mile or more and would pick up quite a lot of speed on the way back down. Aren't people ever injured by these deadly projectiles?

What Are The Signs Of The Apocalypse?

I wanted to know how is the antichrist described and what land is supposed to be in power or in battle before the apocalypse?

Should I put my current job of only 3 weeks on my resume?

Yes, email or better yet, call the companies that offered you the job and revisit the opportunity. No, do not put this job on your resume but if asked, tell them the truth in the interview. Be honest and direct without a loooooooooong fishing story about why you left. "It was not the place where I could grow and contribute to the company."

Can the packer across the street wreck my house?

i have construction across the street from my house building apartments and strip mall. shakes the house daily for months i don't mind though cause im looking forward to it, but wonder about the house....

How should I advise my mother-in-law?

More than a year ago, I decided to become a vegetarian. Naturally, I lost some weight. Six months after the switch, I took it a step further and became a vegan. I've been a vegan for about 9 months now. And, I have lost even more weight. I still get double takes from ppl who knew me. They tell me how healthy and upbeat I have become. I became a vegetarian because I decided not to support factory farms; not for weight loss (although it's a nice plus). My mother-in-law (who has steadily gained weight over the past year) wanted to follow suit and tried a vegetarian diet unsuccessfully 2 times! At first, I gave her all the tools (websites, books, magazines) and knowledge I could. " She's a nurse. She has an advantage, " I thought to myself. WRONG! She would call me and ask me questions like, " If I eat vegetable soup without chicken but with chicken broth, is it considered vegetarian?" " What if I eat just the broccoli and sauce in beef and broccoli stir fry?" " Do ALL vegetarians ban gelatin from their diet?" I even went so far as to BUY her vegetarian food products. Just recently, she decided to give it a try AGAIN. She isn't interested in animal welfare; she just wants to lose weight. I have a feeling she is going to fail again. How should I go about this?! I'm frustrated and losing my patience!

My throat hurts, and I think I'm losing my voice?

Stop yelling. Gargle with warm salt water three times, rinse with plain water. Repeat twice daily. Chloraseptic (drugstore) will temporarily relieve soreness. You may temporarily have hoarse or lose voice. Minimize talking.

What trades should I make?

I don't think you need to make a trade. Your RB's look fine. Top runner in Jacksonville and Indy with Spiller as cover (who is tipped to have a breakout season. You may want to keep Ryan as Rivers has lost his no 1 target for at least 3 games and given the holdout possibly 10. You're team looks good. Leave it until the season starts and see who you can get on waiver.

Who were your 2 players of the game for each game?

hanie. if he didnt have that fluke pick 6 at the end of the 3rd and if the bears didnt put the pressure on him on the 4th and 4 play after the stupid 3rd and 3 run play call with 40 seconds and counting, de bears looked like they would have won considering he was the 3rd string and was one of the few bright spots they had on offense. also, i would put raji since he basically ruined the bears. in the steelers game, i would say mark sanchez who lead them to almost have a comback after the defense laid an egg and the whole o line of the steelers who killed the p and run defense.

What songs are you hooked on right now??

I am hooked on Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran and Duran and You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi. What are you hooked on??

Should the spellinator show pity for you idiotic uneducated simps or show tough love?

and give you the beating of your life when you make grammatical and syntax errors. the spellinator can build a very nice woodshed for you idiots who insist on constantly misspelling words.

So deployed husband never calls or emails but did after I sent his care package.... please read?

ok, Last month he calls me from Iraq starts a fight over the phone and screams in my ear and hangs up. It's been over a month he been on myspace every day and changed his status to SINGLE talking to girls from where we went to high school from and his mother who stole his identity and now he owes money to a bank ( over 5,000 dollars) back on topic. Even though he did that I took my daughter shopping and we put together a care package filled with valentines day things and his monthely essential vitamins underwear etc. Well he ignores me all Jan not even a email how is our daughter doing nothing, well Thursday he sends an email in all CAPS saying take money for the bills but leave me and extra 200 bucks that was all it said, yesterday Valentines Day his command gave out mail he got his care package and then he sends a crappy email: Happy valentines Day I love you and some more crap and baby this and baby that. He has spent over a grand in Iraq. These wives here at this base act like I am doing something wrong and He is just stressed. But a few military guys I know said he is cheating I dont know what to think anymore. I quit my job to move down south on base so now I am in school I am trying to finish so I can leave because each deployment he treats me and his daughter worse. I had to send home a package for my daughter because she was so Stoked her Daddy was sending her a valentines day gift but he didn't. So she sent him an email, she asks why do the kids at school dad always talk to their dad and she don't I am so depressed and irritated and don't know what to do What is the deal? I am also tired of these stick up their *** wives who don't work and haven't finished school blaming the wives. I know a few wives in my boat and a few in other situations but we have no one to go to because we get looked at as if we are the problem and if we tell on them we ruin their career and thats what is said to us, basically shut up and deal with it. I need help........ Please

I think he is using me?

Well first off DON'T have with him, I guarantee he will be gone. It's happened to many times. No matter what they say or do......don't do it. Make 'em wait....til they can't take it anymore, and then make em wait some more. Give him some space let him come to you. If he is really into you then he will come around. Promise...just be patient : }

Where can i get a free printable weight loss diet sheet for type 2 dibeties?

Hi can anyone sugest a free printable diet sheet for me to follow, I have type 2 diabeties and would like to loose about 2 stone, I just need some simple filling ideas, I dont want to end up buying lots of books etc, anyone know of any sites on line that do this? Thanks

Does Florida have girls that look like Superstar Shakira?

Florida's got plenty. Or more like Miami actually. But really, Shakira lives in Miami, so you can just go see her there. As long as her boyfriend from Argentina doesn't mind. I think he's the president's son or a former president's son or something like that.

What Elton John CD has his new deeper voice instead of his high voice?

I love Elton John and I have bought the greatest hits album. I was wondering what CD has his deeper voice; the one he used for the Lion King. Can you give me the name of some of the newer CDs he made using his new voice?

Is this a suitable laptop?

Compare it to these gaming lap tops: a href="" rel="nofollow"…/a

Should I trade Larry Fitzgerald for Tomlinson?

i would. boldin is due back, which is going to take away scores from fitz, although he will still get his share. if history repeats itself tomlinson should score 12-14 times the rest of the way. he has 2 maybe 3 tough games left. if you have a decent wr corp after the trade, i would pull the trigger.

Genetics question, please help!?

In unicorns, two autosomal loci interact to determine the type of tail. One locus controls whether a tail is present at all, the allele for a tail (T) is dominant over the allele for tailless (t). If a unicorn has a tail, then alleles at a second locus determine whether the tail is curly or straight. Farmer Baldridge from Wewoka, Oklahoma has two unicorns with curly tails. When he crosses these two unicorns, � of the progeny have curly tails, � have straight tails, and � do not have tails. Give the genotypes of the parents and progeny in Farmer Baldridges cross and explain how he obtained the 2:1:1 phenotypic ratio in his cross.

Can anyone help me find information on blood clots in the lungs?

you can also try the website on blood clots ask the md any questions you may have and pray for him too. Say dear Lord you are the one who made the lungs in my friends father now that they are sick I know you can heal them and make them good again amen

What does my dream mean?

this dream is pretty obvious, you miss miami uncontrollably and you just want to go back so badly, but obviously the fence is stopping you from getting there because you can't just pick up your things and move back to miami. it's basically just telling you that you want to go back but you can't. and you woke up crying, well you were upset!

What are some FRESH FRUITS/VEGGIES that I can purchase at familiar stores (Wal-Mart, Fry's Marketplace, etc.)?

Im preparing for a diet and Id like to know a GREAT place to shop locally for FRESH dietary foods ESPECIALLY fruits and veggies and NOT blow up my budget. Im currently in North Phoenix (Arizona) so I can only think of local places like Food City, Bashas', and Fry's. Plus Im spending CASH. If you can give me some stores, items, maybe a financial tip for using cash on certain types of food (like whats worth the cost etc.) ONLY POSITIVE FEEDBACK. NO NONSENSE OR BS. Thanks!

To black Greeks (NPHC): what do you think about other cultural Greeks stepping?

You know, as a black person I never much cared for stepping but I recognize it as something my culture is known for. I dont much mind if other cultures step, aslong as they do it respectfully.

Is this domain a trademark infringement?

Hi, i was wondering if i could open a site called "Apps like skype" (on a domain or something), and have reviews on it on apps that are similar to skype. I think it is allowed because the users who get there know that i am promoting a product that is not skype. A friend of mine told me that is trademark infringement and skype can sue me for building such a site. Who is correct ?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wat should i get my girl for valintines day?????

im 12 and i dont know what to get my girl for valintines day. She is 14. Please help me!!! i was thinking about bringing her to build-a-bear,getting her her favorite candy which is skittles, a kiss, and a rose... is that a good idea???????? we have been going out for 2 weeks now and i think she is perfect for me.. she is willing to have with me to.

Is this a good psat score?

Totally! A 195 = 1950, which is a really good score! Get that up 50 points, and you can basically get into everything except like MIT, Stanford and the Iviies =)

I want to know if there is freedom of religion then why to Catholics only get into office?

I see this as some kind of mind control, I don't know what false idol does this but the uncorruptable can also understand the Covenants with God.

What is the obsession with not mixing Chametz with Matzo about?....?

on pover we do not eat leaven/chametz or use ovens, pots etc that were used with chametz. the torah text tells us to make sure that not a single bit is found so we pour ourselves into the task of cleaning so that we can be sure we celebrate the pover with the law having been followed as best as we can. is this "obsession"? call it what you will -- we see it as dedication to the laws of judaism.

Why do Republicans say that Washington has a spending problem, and then spend more?

a href="" rel="nofollow"…/a

Should I tell my mom that I don't want my Christmas gift from her?

She kindly gave me a dressing gown but I hate it... mainly as I have two already - both from 5 star hotels which I really like. I kept the second one in perfect condition as a spare and wear my light cotten one from a hotel in Bangkok. Now I was given some big wooly one which I don't need/want and it is too short as it doesnt cover my knees leaving them cold. What should I do? I live with my mother right now but will be moving out in February. Should I just wear the gown or tell her the truth? I wore the gown for an hour but have taken it off as should i soil the gown, i wont be able to return it... should i just be honest with her?

If Federal law is supreme then how did all of these cities become Sanctuary?

Why don't you cons get this? States don't have to help enforce federal law. Watch any bad cop movie and look at the scene where the local police meet the FBI.

I dnt know what to do can someone help !?

i meet some guy on the internet (myspace) but i already had seen him in skool but now im in another school nd wen we started talking he onced asked me for a pic (dirty) nd i send him 1 but now his mom saw it nd she dosent want him txting me or talking to me or theyll take his phone guitar nd ect but i really like him nd dont want to lose him ( he told my sister that we should go on a pause until his mom forgets about it ) but i still dnt know wat to do im scared hes the one thats going to forget nd leave me ( first kiss was horrible)

Is this possible to do this?

ok i m 100% sure in school that i ate all my skittles in cl only one left in my poket for later in cl. then in next cl in my pocket there were 3 skittles how is this possible.this happens to me alot of time. if i put somthing in my poket then after some time it doubles or tripes it never went to 4rth yet lol. so is this how mind works? is this possbile?

What are your favorite songs? ?

Disney songs, hip hop songs, r & b songs, rock songs, and broadway songs (example: songs from Wicked)

What would this be labeled as?

I already have the just of Statutory and child molestation. but what would this fall under?: Two teens having improper ual contact of the private areas. what would that be labeled as law wise? would that be considered molestation?

There is still Hope. I got my BFP!!?

Congrats to you. Take good care of yourself and enjoy your pregnancy. It is going to be a great ride :)

Is this how fox news report stories?

Awww. are the reporters at Fox news not being picky enough when reporting Muslim atrocities? and when a 12 year old girl is stoned to death for having been d ? And when Muslims kill other Muslims b/c they're the wrong faith? Look, you can pretend that Islam is just a harmless fuzzy bunny as much as you want but as long as Fox is the only station with the to report on the atrocities of Islam, it will be a popular station. I'm a liberal but the defense of Islam will end in the destruction of liberal values. If you don't believe that things are ****** up in Islamic countries, by all means, go there for a few weeks and find out for yourself. If you're right, by all means, stay.

What do you think of these names for girl/girl twins?

Congrats on the twins! My very favorites are Laurel, Leora, Lindsay, Skye, Sophie & Stella. I love to see Laurel & Leora used! They're such beautiful, uncommon clics. Very nice!

Older puppy biting?

I adopted my approx. 5-month old female lab from the city pound five days ago. She bites constantly. I'm trying to be calm, have given her lots of toys and exercise, but she prefers my hands, arms, ankles, backside, face, etc. If I'd gotten her at a younger age, it would have been easier to teach her, but I know she'll figure it out eventually. I just need some advice because it's very painful, and time-out doesn't work, neither does saying "no" loudly--I'm at a loss. Please help!

What would you rate my Spider-Man 4 Movie idea on a scale of 1 to 5?

In all honesty I can't be bothered to read it but I saw you posted this before! I had a quick glance over and it's look involved. Why not finish your script and get it as good as you possibly can and then see if anyone is interested then? Be careful sticking your ideas on the internet, you don't want anyone to steal them! Good luck with your script writing :)

What do i do????

this guy on here named rick r is picking on me.he is stalking me and asking people about my personal life like my companys,age,etc.i have a myspace and i didn't pay attention to the birthdate i put.i am gonan change it to 16 so don't worry.but why does rick pick on me?and what should i do?can yahoo help?

How much is and old weller original 107 barrel proof 7 summers old aged naturally 7 years in wood us?

kentucky straight bourbon whiskey geuine old line sour mash distilled bottled by w.w.weller and sons louisille, kentucky No.17761 4/5 Quart 7 summers old aged naturally 7 years in wood us internal revenue distilled spirits wlw 1849.

When Sirius and XM merge will there be access to both systems stations on one receiver?

When they first started their service they were required to develop such a receiver. They claim they did, but never marketed it. Now they claim they will. They've broken just about every other promise they made to the FCC, Congress and the American people, so don't hold your breath.

If I knock out my garden gnome's teeth will the tooth fairy stop by and give me money? I need to buy gasoline!

Seeing that gas is around $4.26/gal now, I can't afford to put gas in my car to drive to work so I can pay my other bills and stuff. I thought about how the tooth fairy gives my kids money for their teeth and thought "HMMMM.......". I ain't getting rid of my teeth but I do have a bunch of garden gnomes sitting in my yard who do nothing but lay around and drink excessively. I'll wait til they p out and then knock their teeth out and then get money from that.

If McCain wins, does that mean the majority of Americans are dumb?

I have to say that people complain too much about how Bush messed up the country. Actually, it's not Bush who messed it up. It was the people who voted for Bush. THEY messed up their own country. It's their fault our economy are screwed up and the war is still going on and not getting better because they voted for Bush. I knew it from the beginning after John Kerry lost, our country would be screwed up. The only choice I had was to just sit back and wait til people can see themselves what a big mistake they made voting for Bush. Are you going to make another dumb mistake by voting for McCain? McCain actually supports Bush's economic plans which screwed us up. Now we have to pay our money more to the banks, we can't sell our houses and we have to be laid off from our jobs. It's America's fault we're screwed, not Bush's!

Was that soldier Green (and his rapist colleagues) prepared by the US army to , kill & burn bodies?

The United States military does not support this kind of behavior and has zero tolerance nor do they train people to commit international crimes.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The antichrist is the main foe of jesus christ and the human race.just who is the main foe of christ ?

the movies [the omen series] and tv shows [ex:point pleasant] on the antichrist got it wrong.the main foe of jesus christ and the human race is not human [ephesians 6:10-20].to find out who is the main foe of jesus christ and the human race go to and

God versus the Big Bang!!! Consider this!?

God didn't create anything. God is fiction. The FSM created everything. The evidence is all around you. All you have to do is open your eyes.

I get irregular periods?

I randomly get my period not twice a month but it comes still randomly and I don't get sighns that it's comn like I don't get cramps or bloating or pain or soar ect it's not a bad thing about that but bec of that I don't know wen I'll get my period and once a month a ruin a pair of underware cuz it's always a random date I've tried to keep track of it on caladner but it doesn't work ;(I'm 14 I know it comes irregular cuz i'm young but still I nvr know wen it'll come it's annoying

Why do gay males adore Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, Cher??

I don't necessarily adore them but I do respect them.I am not much of a fan of old movies and so I can't say I am a fan of Judy Garland because I really never saw anything other then The Wizard of OZ that had her in it, as far as I know.And the other two ladies you mention, are women who have overcome a lot and have produced a lot of success and have been friends to the GLBT community and so I can't help but admire them.But adore?That's a bit of a strong word.

Drawing my Handgun to take down a dog Good or Bad.....?

It seems to me that it was about the only choice you had. The dog was chasing kids (who were honestly afraid and not playing right?) and then it went after the other dog. More than likely you just earned huge brownie points with your girlfriend and her family/friends if nothing else for saving poor little polo.

Is there a way like in google webmaster tools to set Geographic target within yahoo?

I rank very well in but not so well in - which happens to be my target (ireland actually). Any tips?

How should I go about Riding a scary roller coaster?!?

Sit as close ot the front as you can. Or in the middle but never in the back. It is way more rough in the back you get wiped around more. The first time I went on a roller coaster the first drop was sooo steep that I started screaming but the air pressure took my voice away. I was so scared but as soon as it stopped and I got off I wanted to do it again it was awesome.

Question regarding the suggested Palestine state ?

They always argue that terrorism is a reaction. Well then I argue.........what you call "israeli terrorism" is a reaction as well. If you are paranoid to believe that everybody is out to kill the muslims, then I am paranoid to believe that everyone is out there to kill the Jews. On my side I have the PLO and Hamas charter to prove my point. What do you have on your side?

Pacifier Reducing Risk Of SIDS??

I have read it four times in one answer, and I have never personally heard of this. Urband legend? Old wives tale? Fact? Let me know, now I'm curious.

Shrinking question for boys. especially if you have a foot .?

ok you are in your Girlfriend's room (she has 2 other girls over and their also in the room) and by some weird magic every thing in the world (including the world) but you grows super big. big like (all three of them are wearing flip flops) one of their flip flops is the size of mount everest (and the girls are HUGE!) but then to top it all off you shrink to the size of a grain of sand. but you have a super foot . you are hypnotized by the humongous (pretty) feet. what will you now do?

Gettingg rid of my dog gettin a new one... :(?

tell this story to the breeder you want to buy a puppy from if theyagree to sell you a dog you dont want one of their puppies

How's my team? Any Suggestions?

Your starters look pretty good. If Willie Parker doesn't produce well early on I would look into putting Leon Washington in his place. Washington has looked real good in preseason. Don't Expect a big year out of McClain.

What fruits help you lose weight faster ans easier?

I am all watermeloned out!! Need Idea's.............Onion's and Peppers boost my metabolsim. I need fruits to excel now..have lost 34 lbs this summer so far, need to lose a lot more. What to lose 50 more by Oct. Needs advice to keep this up. Walkin a mile a day also for now until winter hits ;)

How does this essay sound?

It sounds like you've not read the book and are BSing your way through the essay. Grammar's fine though.

Can I change a Word doent into a jpeg?

I made a brochure in microsoft word and I want to turn it into a jpeg so I can upload it onto a site that won't upload word doents. Is this possible?

Should I drop selvin Young and pick up Buckhalter?

Both Hightower and Jonathan Stewart get tons of TDs look but won't pile up rushing yards. With Westbrook hurting, Buckhalter is probably gonna get more playing time. Pittman is getting the TDs in Denver so Selvin Young has limited value. I would take a chance on Buckhalter.

Where can I find a link to the SNL skit "Fat Gap" with Horatio Sanz? I can't find it anywhere?

Do you remember the SNL skit making fun of the Gap commercial Khakis vs. Jeans. The West Side Story Theme. Well I can't find it anywhere on YouTube and no where on the internet. Can somebody lead me to the correct link or explain why I can't find it on the internet?

Can you improve SAT scores?

It is absolutely possible. The best way to improve your score is to take other practice SAT tests. The question format is possibly the most difficult part to get accustomed to. There are several websites online that post practice questions you can use for free. Most bookstores sell SAT prep books that also contain practice questions and study guides. These books also have a list of topics and suggested study materials. It is a lot of work, but it sounds like you have a good study ethic, represented by your 3.6 GPA. Nice job on that btw. It will take some dedication and a lot of repetition, but it is possible to raise your average score by up to 800 points in six months. I have listed a few good sites below to help prep for the SAT.

What do you think about or have you done a ketogenic diets?

atkins is stupid because it limits carbs. good carbs aka whole grains r neccessary. when u limit carbs u crave junk food

My System not booting even though power supply is well.?

Hi, I've recently purchased a second hand computer. 512 MB RAM and 80 GB Hard disk. Windows 7 Operating System. When I started my PC the CPU starts working but the monitor does not activate. I've checked whether the peripheral is connected well. Every thing is done well. But the Screen does not appear at all. Even the LEDs of Num lock, Caps lock, and Scroll Lock does not glow while starting my PC. Can any one help me Please?

I have an unpaid loan, is it a problem ?

i have an unpaid loan of 2000 BD in bahrain, i left bahrain few months ago due to an urgent personal issue and didnt finish my load yet, my visa to bahrain is expired now and i have no business there, and i need to go to Kuwait for a visit trip, will they stop me in Kuwait cause its a part of GCC will i have any problem on the airport on in and out ? it is urgent

Dog got burned in car fire a week ago, was doing fine until now?

if you are having trouble, instead of taking her TO the vet, just call the vet and see what they would recommend. they could probably tell you to give her ibuprofen or something animal safe to bring the swelling down. hope she gets better! :)

Are there any good alternative/pop/rock songs similar to...?

sure! go to, then make stations for those songs. the "Music Genome Project" will let you explore songs with similar qualities to those you named(:

What is better jiu jitsu, judo, or high school wrestling?

im about to start taking judo soon. im already in kickboxing but im trying to learn more of the mixed martial arts now. i just wanna know what you think is better of those 3

Permanent resident son and just got my I-130 approval notice. What is next??!?

J is correct. You should be receiving further instructions within the next month or so. You can check your case status at this site: a href="" rel="nofollow"

Really frustrated, don't know what phone to get, please help.. easy best answer.?

Well the web surfing depends on the plan you have. And for songs, you need to compare the memory of the phones your looking at. I don't know what kinds of phones your looking at, so I can't tell you. But find like 2 or 3 phones you like then ask the question so we know which ones to compare. Hope I helped a little?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to deal with a major ?

Ok so this girl ive known for a really long time whom i've recently become attracted to began flirting with me the other night at this small get together of friends. Alcohol had been flowing around so my confidence was at its peak. Unfortunetely for me her ex boyfriend (they remain friends) was there, and i could tell he was pissed by the look on his ever so unnatractive face while he blabbered angrily to this other blonde (probably about his feelings for my crush, shes totally not interested in him in that way, believe me). I had to go to the washroom so i quickly up and went telling her id be back in a second. When i got back i found out her ex had suggested everyone watch a movie and was sitting right next to the hottie on the end of the couch(totally cutting me off) So i sat across the room impatiently watching this dumb movie. After it ended, to my dismay, he began getting all friendly wither her, like a gay friend, you know, little friendly punches and laughs, until 3 in the morning. So this dude falls asleep, and my crush looks over at me(like she wanted me) and then walked over towards me. I teased her about something playfully, she laughed, and then sudsenly this ****** (pardon my language) rises up from the dead, and walks over to my crush and throws his arm around her. He then has the nerve to ask what were talking about. So we all stay up a little while later, my fist ever so tightly clenched, and then my crush decided shed go to bed. So its now four in the morning and I, for the first time in my morally fabricated life actually want to stick a knife into someones heart. I know he didnt to it by accident, this purely wanted to screw with my night. My question is, what do i do know, what do i say to this guy if he does it again, what do is say to her know, and would killing him for this constitute (In the province of Ontario) anraged maslaughter or would i get the full whammy sentence? P.S to all you blockers out there who do your job out of spite and the unfortunate fact you can't 'get any', go **** yourselve.s. Its like i wasted 5 beers on this prick

Sorry I'm not home right now-vey: What do you think the song Spiderwebs is all about?

Personally, I think it's about the dream of a vastly overrated faux-ska band singer to someday reinvent herself as a faux hip-hop icon/faux dance pop queen/faux fashion designer.

Should I start Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson tommorrow?

Calvin Johnson has a tougher match up against the Packers, but he's having a great year and has put up numbers with all three of the QBs the Lions have had to play this year. I would play him. Andre Johnson is also a good play, but Calvin has outscored him and been very consistent this year.

Did Bill Gates (atheist) and Warren Buffet (agnostic) get rich because of god or in spite of him?

Hoping for answers especially from Christians who subscribe to the Prosperity Gospel (God is the source of wealth, if you're rich it's because what you do pleases him, he really wants you to be rich, etc.), and please quote all the chapter-and-worses you can find to back up your story!

Fianc� jealous or angry coz I have a good job?

Most likely it WILL get worse. He's jealous and bitter but he also has the "poor me" syndrome. You worked hard to get a degree. He didn't. But somehow it's the rest of the world's fault that he didn't further his schooling. Sometimes people like this wake up. But do you really want to wait around and be put down for something you worked hard for and achieved on your own?

How fast does a spaceship burn fuel when taking off?

I was watching a video in cl and i thought it said about 100 tons a second, but my dad doesnt believe me...

Why are Republicans against welfare for poor but ok with welfare for corporations and the rich?

They rail on about poor people getting welfare. But with these bailouts, they're basically telling these CEOs and brokers, "hey we know you made risky and unwise decisions trying to make more money for yourself, but go ahead and keep the commissions you made and we the taxpayer will buy all the bad debt off you so your balance sheets are whole again." Why are we reinforcing bad behavior?

What's your all-time mlb lineup?

the 1975-76 Reds with the Nasty Boys pitching from the Reds of the 1990's Dibble, Meyers, and Charlton

Who actually wrote and preformed 'you where always on my mind' first?

Willie Nelson wrote it, and sang it. It was written when he was about to lose, one of his wives, cause he messed up---again.

The Sharks are toast but was it planned?

You've made some good points but I wouldn't even begin to think it was planned. Its true the media has swarmed the NRL, but I dont think the NRL would tell the Daily Telegraph to cause so much drama for the game, it puts a bad name against Rugby League, and I dont think they would take the chance to turn sponsors away from Cronulla when they have a bigger risk of losing fans and other sponsors of Rugby League in general and worsen NRL's name even more. I blame the few stupid players first and the media second for the Sharks slump, hope they can turn things around before they lose LG for good and get dropped from the comp, I'd like to see them stay.

Was I right or wrong for being upset on this topic?

No, that is disgusting. I would contact the site with the link of the page and everything. That's just gross.

The veronicas...hairstyle?

i think she has choppy short layer and some really long layers and then she grabs the back section of her hair (from behind her ears back) and ties it in a low ponytail then her uses a medium sized clip and clips is up so the pony tail is faced upp sorta, and BAM! there you go(:

Is continual belittling jokes at someones expense a form of bullying?

Constant belittling jokes is indeed a form of bullying. And I have had words with my sister's father in law because of that. Not that I expect it to stick- but he knows I'll let him know that I am not impressed by such inane behavior.

I just want some music recomendations?

thriving ivory-angles on the moon, jason mraz & Cobbie callet - lucky, the killers-human,fall out boy-i don't care, linkin park -leave out the rest&in the end, lenka-the show

Can someone give me some information on Confession?

Well, I've never been to "confession," because I believe that we confess our sins to God through prayer and are forgiven through Christ. I do not believe you need a priest to intercede for you, because the Bible teaches that ones sins are forgiven through Christ (who intercedes for us).

What is the best freeware suite for cleaning a laptop with Vista?

I currently have ccleaner and Glary Utilities which are both freeware that I found. I am looking for a suite that will fix my registry, remove privacy info, remove temporary files, remove spyware, etc. I would like the best all in one program that is very useful, but as i stated, i prefer freeware and even better yet if its from a safe place like or something like that (although all suggestions are accepted).

Christmas present help: drawing for my parents?

An outline/silhouette of a house and facial depictions of your family with in the outline. Quote - My family is my home, or a home is where your family is - something like that.

Does anyone know of a song "19" its a country song i heard on sirius satellite radio. i cant find it anywhere!

i heard it the other day and i've searched and searched for it but i cant find it. it talks about a guy whose the star of the football team and his number is 19 he gets a big scholarship to tennessee but turns it down and goes to the war..and so on and so forth!! HELP!!!

Whats the difference between............?

can someone tell me what the different is between american indy cars and an F1 car because iv watched some indy car races the other night and they seem to be exactly the same apart from the fact one goes round in a Circle 280 times and the other goes round a cornered track 50 times so yeah can someone tell me the difference

I need help with the last sentence of my essay!!!?

Although society might reject Hester for being an open, shameful adulterer or Huck for being an uncivilized brat, it is they who should rightfully reject society for being hypocritical.

Do you know people like this?

People who bust their es, studying hard & going to tutoring, getting as much help as possible & still fail. & other people who party a lot, are promiscuous, smoke weed & get drunk a lot & don't study & still make straight A's?

More cynic after first time experience?

disagree. to the extent of your preparedness to enter into such a complex relationship.if you learned what to really expect, and you and your partner plan the event, not just jump in bed. cynisism will not occur, you dont suddenly become mature. life experience and learning lessons from them, make you mature. the more you experience the more mature you become. whether at 14 or 24, if you dont plan, you will fail.

German shepards and cats?

I am moving into a house with 3 other people. I have 2 young kittens, and one of the people has a german shepard that does police work. she is a dog trainer, but I am still wary about my kittens. they have never seen a dog before, and they do not know how to defend themselves with a dog. will they be ok?

Why do anti-feminists lump all feminists together, yet complain when feminists do this to them?

I think you have greatly missed the point and provided us with a very rationalized question. The key to your question is the word "anti". You will notice that the people you call "anti-feminist" refer to you as a feminist or a female. They do not refer to you as "anti-masculines" or "anti-male". You create an automatic argument with your speech by calling people anti-whatevers. Maybe it is you who should drop the negative prefixes.

New indiana jones ps2 game ??

Here is a full walkthrough which should explain everything that he has to do, aswell as other help with the game should he need it. a href="" rel="nofollow"…/a

What do Conservative Devils think of this photo?

We're unworthy to be in the presence of such a strategic genius. He is indeed The Messiah. All hail.

Getting a database online?

If your hosting company give you direct access to their sql server, then create your local database, then use the export wizard to upload it it to the remote one.

How would you separate a solid mixture of iodine and magnesium iodide such that...?

Treat the mixture with carbon tetrachloride or benzene. This would dissolve the iodine. That leaves magnesium iodide.

Rate My Yu-gi-oh Exodia Deck and suggestions?

Seems solid for an exodia deck but i would add gravity bind as that is another defenseive card (its limited however 1 only) Otherwise looks like one ive made on one of my games. 8/10

How can I find out the jewelry company that made my ring?

I have this silver ring that I love and my mom wants one bad. I want to give it to her as a gift. The problem is that I got it at a show from a silver vendor. I have looked for it at all the jewelry stores in my area and no one has it. One store looked in several catalogs but we couldn't find it. There is a hallmark stamp but the jeweler was not familiar it. They said I may be able to search online in a jewelry trademark directory to find the manufacturer and then they would be willing to order it for me if I can't buy direct. I don't know where to look. I looked at the US trademark website but couldn't find it. The jeweler said there is an online guide somewhere because not all hallmarks are registered nationally but instead is used to identify the company, artist etc. If I can't find it, I will have to leave the ring so they can do a search.

Stupid texts but he wont reply. what should i do?!?

well last night, i was texting my best guy friend and i was flirting cause hes REALLY flirtatious (if thats a word) and i asked him where he was and he said home. then i said something like; well you should come over cause im lonely and i need a snuggle buddy xD and he didnt reply and i waited for a while. so i texted him; hehe (; jk and he didnt text back. so this morning, the girl he likes posted on Facebook so i said; heeeyyyy, go on Facebook and look at Kaleys status (; and he never said anything. then when i went to the grocery store with my mom, i saw his mom and she just glarred at me a bit. she does glare at everyone though so im not sure if that was a coincodence. what should i do?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How much Longer will people under-estimate the Seahawks?

obviously they are gonna beat the bears because the bears suck, but they arent being underestimated, the seahawks only went to the super bowl because of shaun alexander, and now their backs suck, except for lynch who finally started trying last week

How do I convert from centimorgans to physical positions on mouse chromosomes?

I'm trying to convert simulated chromosomes with estimated breakpoints into actual genotypes. I need to find a way to convert from centimorgans to a physical position on the chromosome (I know whatever conversion I use will be extremely approximate but is there a recognised way of doing this).

Frozen milk took more than 24hours to thaw in "frige", is it still safe?

Yes. milk is good for 24 hours after it is thawed. Keep this in mind....the 555 rule. milk is good for 5 hours at room temp....5 days in the fridge.....5 months in the freezer. And once frozen milk is thawed it is good for 24 hours, so don't worry. I follow these guidelines and my son is thriving.

Soccer cleat advice?!?!?!?

My adiPURE kangaroo leather cleats just busted in half and I am getting new cleats. I want to go with tougher cleats this time around. I would like some info on 'adidas f30.9' , 'steam II' and 'total ninety strikes'... if you could get info on all or 1 that would be great. (about durability and feel and style)

19 month old is constipated?

My son has been constipated for about 2 weeks. He has had only little pebble stools except for once when it was very runny. I have talked to the doctor and done everything they said-lots of water, veggies and fruit, less milk, fruit juice and nothing has helped. The doctor has now told me to give him Miralax. Has anyones toddler used it? Did it help?

Astro n Planets?

I was born on Dec 03, 1984 @ 00.20 am, in the city of Cochin, India. I was wondering if I have any bad planets in my house.

Can someone help with grade 10 science?

I think "A" is the right answer. What the element is, is defined by the number of protons in the atom. You've probably read about the chains of decay of radioactive elements into non-radioactive ones such as lead. They emit both neutrons and protons, and every time an element loses a proton, the element is called by another name in the periodic table.

How does this sound for a nano reef?

10 gallons, 12 pounds live rock, 1 tank-bred oscellaris clown, 1 tank-bred blue-green reef chromis, 1 yellowhead jawfish, and for the cleanup crew: 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 bullseye pistol shrimp, 5 scarlet leg hermit , 1 porcelain crab, 1 narius snail, 3 turbo snails. for the corals, 1 cluster of zoa polyps, 1 leather coral, 1 blue taro tree coral. any comments appreciated

Questions about installing a combination boiler?

You will have mains pressure at all hot taps, seven pipes reqd. at boiler, Heating flow and return, cold mains, hot water out to taps, gas supply, condensate drain and blow off. Worcester Bosch , and Vaillant are two of the best.

Explain LMS adaptive algorithm used for adjustment of filter coefficients.?

a href="" rel="nofollow"…/a

Jack Kemp would be a good president?

Do you think Jack Kemp would have been a good VP in '96 had he won the election? And a good president? He seems like a more honest man than alot of the other politicians on capitol hill.

Food for thought, and thought for exercise.?

Compare and Contrast the views of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B Dubois. (What did Washington mean when he said "Cast Down your buckets where you are". What was Dubois's views on what was happening to African American's since reconstruction and how to make change.)

Can some tell me an example of a simile and metaphor in the monkey's paw?

I'm doing my english coursework and i cant find an example of a simile or a metaphor in the monkeys paw. please help me. thankyou :)

Whats a website for antonyms online?

I need to find definitions word origins synonyms and antonyms but im have in trouble find the antonyms.

Snake bites or none at all?

Snake bites are hot. I think they'd look good on you. :) if you do it without your mom's permission, she'll be mad for a while, but she'll get over it.

One year anniversary??

poems are for girls except your man is a sensitive one I think you should go to a restaurant or a movie .

Will I ever get taller?

im currently 17 years old and im 5"6 i was wondering if i will ever get taller. My Brother is taller than me so i dont think its hereditary. I want to get taller!!!!!!!!

Is it normal for baby to be VERY VERY grumpy with a cold?

I know it is probably a dumb Q- but geez, my 7 mo. old son is sooooo cranky, cries all day.... He got a flu shot and vaccinations about 5 days ago, and got a cold- don't know if it is related to the shots or if he picked it up at the clinic but he is miserable... runny stuffy nose, cough, sneezing- gave him infant tylenol, but it does not seem to make a difference. I don't know if I should bring him in or not, it just seems like a bad cold, but what signs should I beware of to know when he should be seen by a doc? sorry if it is a stupid question, he is my 1st.

Would a person with less than 10% of African-American or Hispanic heritage . . .?

be entitled to affirmative action? Why or why not? And if not, what percentage of the ethnicity is enough? DNA tests can now pinpoint ethnic origin more precisely. Should everyone be tested? Thanks.

What is this trend of people making conclusion of Quran translations as if Quran is a Bible?

You are correct. The Quran cannot translate like the Bible. God is Almighty and able to get His message across in ALL languages, while the less than almighty allah can only use the clic Arabic that no one uses any longer.

Best way to bulk up? (16 year old)?

at 16 is not really recommended to lift weights but you can do push ups and pull ups, and eat lots of protein...without actually forgetting about your nutritional need since you're still developing.

Which religion books?

This is rather long. I am unsure whether you are asking me or telling me something? feels a bit like a long old lecture to me. But there appears to be a question there in the edits. In my mind/eyes, no one is ever an expert.

My Final Revised Gaming computer Bulid?

Everything looks good except that if you're getting an AMD MOBO and CPU then I recommend a ATI/AMD video card too.

Slaughtering pig...question about cuts?

well from my experience ask for the tenderloin for the bbq! the best cut! Some butchers won't tell you about that cut because it is the best cut. You can ask for sausage links as opposed to patties. You can be specific like asking for stew meat. You can ask for the fat it is Still fat until it is rendered then it is lard. As far as them rendering it to lard I don't know you may want to ask them that.

Where do I get those printable direction sheets to put in invitations for a wedding?

I don't know where to find those direction sheets you get inside of wedding invitations to tell you how to get somewhere. Does anyone know what I am talking about or where to get them and print them out?

Are you a Widget Regular?

a href=";_ylt=AjrYvij4dDyRWWZvB9mSk2YS.Bd.;_ylv=3?sid=396546360&link=list";_ylt=…/a

Friday, August 12, 2011

I know it's a long question, but help me be a better person...?

Well you should of stuck up for your friend and slapped the people talkin about her.That's what i would do but that's my opinion

My Chemical Romance Official Store, denies my credit card yet still charges me! anyone else have this problem?

i live in the u.s. so i am not having this problem but if it is charging you without making a purchase maybe it means that it did make the purchase and that it is ordered? you could look for number to call on the website. and if the charges are still on your card i would suggest calling your credit card company to get it sorted out.

What dietary benefits does green tea provide? Is it primarily used as a diuretic?

Here's a short article about the benefits of green tea, enjoy. a href="" rel="nofollow"…/a

Can some tell that we have done enough pls ?

The OPKs let you know the is a surge and that Ovulation will may take place 12-24 hours after the positive OPK. As I'm sure you know semen can live up to 5 days so if you DTD 5 days ago and in the next 2 days you should be good to go pending this is your month. Good Luck and Baby Dust.

Why were people complaining that John Cena held the title 1 year when Bruno Sammartino held it for 11 years?

Cena held the title for a year back in 2006/07 and everybody was complaining but Bruno Sammartino held it for 11 years and nobody had a problem with that?

Word 2003 Updating of Table of Contents?

When I update the Table of Contents, it keeps adding additional lines that I can't get rid of. It's usually just plain text (maybe bold and underlined). How do I get rid of this?

Is it bigotry to criticize Jamie Spears for getting pregnant?

History shows that Americans are perennial bigots who combine their bigotry with airs of righteousness. In the United States, childbearing at age sixteen was once common, respected, and dignified. Today, an aura of hostility has been directed at teen pregnancies, with emphasis on abatement. At the same time, the average age at menarche has fallen compared to times in which pregnancy at sixteen was widely accepted as normal. It should also be emphasized that teen pregnancies are some of the most important pregnancies in the world. Many Americans alive today were teen pregnancies.

Gordon Brown, D-Day and the Queen?

If the French government sent invitations to the British government rather than to the Queen, why in the world should Brown have excluded the Queen from the celebration ? Lapse of memory (forgot that we have a monarch ?), concern for her age, not wanting her to miss the Derby ? Clarification eagerly sought.

Christians (or theists in general) who think that atheists are...?

Yeah, my 20 years serving my country in the USAF and then caring for my lieutenant after he broke his neck and became paralyzed from the midchest down, unable to even relieve himself or scratch his own nose, those two things were so heartless and amoral and evil of me. I'm going to hell.

Can any one help? best answer gets 10pts.?

My girlfriend broke up with me about a week ago and she didnt really wnat to but she said she didnt feel the same way about me anymore. And in that same night I got a new Girlfriend and I really like my new gf but I still have strong feelings for the old one and I am always thinking about her. I realize I want her back but I dont know what to do. Please help?

What does the word "cougar" mean?

A cougar is a big cat. But in Hollywood/pop culture it's an older woman (40's or 50's) who acts young, dates younger men, still parties and such. Examples: Demi Moore, Madonna, Dina Lohan

Christian Thing to Do When Slandered By Someone?

Attempting to remove that report could make some people start asking why you are so concerned with something that is suppose to be false? I think it's best to leave things as they are and just prove her wrong by doing a good job - always!

Slander or not, I am confused and very angry?

When I gave birth to my daughter I had marijuana in my system, it was not in her system. It was stupid I know. I had a safety plan put in place by DSS, which now the case is over and it was Unfounded. Some person I don't even know decides to tell my friend not to hang out with me because I did drugs and she knew all about my case. Is this slander or not?

Rate the graphics card manufacturar?

Within your list, I would choose MSi for better priced products. XFX is overly priced. Sapphire has good reuptation in graphics card market. And Asus is also a great brand. All in All, make a choice within these 4.

Do i need a data plan to access the wifi on an unlocked Tilt 8925 HTC Kaiser TyTn 3G WiFi PDA for t-mobile?

It is an AT&T phone but I want to buy it unlocked so I can use it with my t-mobile phone service.

Are there any Biblical Allusions in the show Lost?

Im doing a report and its due soon and i need to find a biblical allusion (i know narnia etc.) but i want to do my fav show lost and i know there are a lot but i cant think of any

Don't wanna be you friend anymore?

I have a friend she is really annoying, smelly, bad breath , untrustworthy ( u tell her a secret or something like that and she tells it to people), fallows me everywhere ( like at lunch and recess), gives u lots of headaches, always want to work with me, talks with a mouth full of food, has to sit by me at lunch, all my other friends hate her no one likes her, what should i do i don't wanna be her friend anymore

How hard is it to put a lower recover and upper recover together.?

I would seriously consider how the polymer ages. I don't think a polymer gun will be any good in 20 years. My son is into rebuilding old chevy trucks. Most of the plastic on them are weakened beyond use. I would hate for a piece of the gun that prevents stuff from hitting me in the face to be as strong as most of the stuff on one of his trucks.

Pet Finches?

I just want some info on pet finches like what to get and whats the best cheap bread and how many to get and how long thay live.

Translate spanish to english,letter from miguel?

recuerdas la ultima vez que estubimos juntos? yo no me encontraba bien yo reconosco mi error y estoy pagando por lo mismo pero entiende tambien que me dolia bastante mi boca estaba cansado y casi no dormi no me estoy justificando pero si me ubieras dejado dormir nada ubiera pasado todo estaria bien en verdad te quiero, te extrano mucho recuerdas que te dije que cuando hablo a mexico y platico con maribel ya no siento lo mismo que antes sin embargo tengo mis ninos pero a quien en verdad quiero es a ti te juro que te digo la verdad yo aun sabiendo que abias llamado ala policia yo regrese contigo yo te perdone yo te quiero yo te pedi perdon cuando quieras venir a verme aqui estoy. nunca vas a encontrar una persona que te quiera como yo. quizas ya es demaciado tarde pero necesito que vayas a la corte y retires los cargos tal vez aun se pueda bacer algo pero si me mandan para mexico yo te prometo que te voy a llamar. aun asi tu tienes un lugar en mi corazon siempre te voy a recordar nunca te voy a olvidar. quisiera regresar el tiempo y poder evitar este problema pero sin embargo no es posible. perdoname y recuerda que. nunca tube otra mujer nunca te engane pues en verdad te quiero recibi tu carta gracias por acordarte de me

Is there already an existing spaceship made by human being?

Is there already an existing spaceship made by human being, for traveling in other planet? And Can human being can create a spaceship like the star destroyer in star wars, so when people wants to travel in space they will ride in a spaceship or they can travel in other planets.

I've really messed up, please help me (Everyone can answer this)?

tough situation, I say if you love her, let her go. cut off all communication and move on cause what's started off badly will always end badly.

Can someone explain to me how exactly Mickie James is fat?

Its so stupid. I do not see how she is fat whatsoever. Does Vince want her to be a stick figure like Maria or what?

Any connection between these two songs?

You Shook Me by Willie Dixon and You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC. They both use the phrase 'You shook me all night long...' and there are some slight similarities in the rhythm. Did AC/DC modernize the Dixon tune or something?

What is wrong with my throat and voice?

you can see a doctor. but just drink lots of water on your brakes. go to a spa maybe you need to relax for a short amount of time. If this does not go away see a DOCTOR PLEASE.

Question for those fans of "All My Children"?

She and her hubby Justin Bruening (Jamie) left the show and moved to Hollywood to try their luck there. Justin has already been hired as the son of Knight rider for a new tv movie and possible series.

What is your opinion on how I can improve this "Going Home" Sonnet?

While I agree Will Shakespeare won't lose any readers over this Sonnet, your message is clear, and we will follow your bright beacon pioneering in a new world!

Do It or NOT ?????!!!! ?

You need to get over it, quit thinking and worrying about him date other people, get on with your life! He means nothing to you!

Iron salts and Omeprazole drug interaction?

there is clearly a drug interaction between the oral iron supplements like ferrous sulfate, gluconate,fumarate and proton pump inhibitors. reasoning: any agent that increases the gastric pH will ultimately impair iron absorption bec iron salts need to go into solution in an acidic medium in order for proper absorption to take place. Having said that where can i find a primary reference that states the percent decrease in absorption of the 3 iron salts. THANKS!!!

My parents are getting divorced....?

Right, basically my parents have always had problems which escalated when my mother had an affair 2 years ago (which recommenced this year) and now obviously the divorce is pending. I haven't gotten on with her since the first time (I know this sounds like a ranting teenager but all she does is deliberately try to argue, by this I mean, she tries to over yze everything I say to make it an offense to her then moans at me about it or constantly makes ping bitchy comments in general conversation even when my friends are present). All this has done has made me more reserved and unfeeling towards her even though I have pointed this out she blames my father for the outcome for not being emotional with her. Little is done to rectify it, both parents moan to me about the other as both want me to visit them more than the other. I have a baby brother who is honestly my world and it seems his whole world is going to change (he had learning difficulties and isn't very adaptable to change especially at this level) and my mother has already mentioned she will try to take more of him whilst subtly threatening me to visit whilst my father just cries over the situation and I honestly don't know what to do? I want to spend as much time with my brother but my mother does taint his persuadable mind against the rest of us (I hear her do this) Please help as I'm a confused 18 year old who perhaps is too close to the situation to view it clearly.

Who's behind the push to delay withdrawal from Iraq?

You should try that again and pay close attention to the word Iraqi. I think you meant Iran but it's not for me to say.

Have the Republicans already lost?

At the moment, the polls are in Obama's favor. However, there are still 3 weeks remaining before the election which in politics is an eon. Anything can happen to sway voters' opinions. At this point, the right-win conservative columnists, like David Brooks/Bill Kristol/Kathleen Parker are commenting that Palin was indeed a dangerous and inane selection for VP nominee. Christopher Buckley (William F.'s son) recently left his position at his late father's magazine, The National Review, due to his support of Obama. Kristol has even advised (via his column in the New York Times) McCain to fire his entire campaign staff and start over. This is definitely not an optimistic sign for the GOP.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What are the characteristics of alternative fuels?

I run waste vegetable oil all year.Of course when temps are below 24 degrees I cut the fuel with 60% diesel.My heaters keep fuel at engine at 200f.

I am on the brink of diabetes and I'm over weight please help ????

see when i was 13 they gave me a pill that within the year i gain 50 pound (it was antidepressant ) and now that i'm about to be 17 i want to lose all the weight and get to down 160 i just weigh at 205 . i'm 5"5 , so does anyone have a diet plan i can use to lose all this weight and be back to be skinny again ????

Does any one know of any cheap less than �10 a night campsites near trainstations?

Me and my boyfriend are looking at going camping next weekend but are now stranded after being let down by friends so are looking for campsites that will accept back packers. We would like the coast and are looking at places near Barmouth and Bala as they are cheap to get to on the train. But any other suggestions are welcome. We just want a long weekend away camping

Fantasy help for week 10?

stewart has a minor heal injury..but should play....but i like royal because i think denver vs clev. will be a shoot out. and i just don't like any chiefs right now....LJ is killing me right now.

What exactly am I according to the political spectrum?

Since you don't think a negr0 like Obama should bring you coffee the way Bill Clinton and Harry Reid do, you're a conservative.

Im currently going to do a new build for my pc, does this seem like a fair spec for what i want.?

This is an excellent computer but the price is extremely high. I would however suggest you change the operating system. VISTA is lousy with those games

If the civil war was really about freeing slaves?

The Civil War was fought over state's rights and unfair taxation of tobacco. Slavery was just a side issue.

What do they say in the song?

I need help on a song it's called Waking the Fallen by Avenged Sevenfold. In the 2 ending verses it sounds like they say Leave Your Memories but the lyrics say Forgotten Memories is it a typo or is it just me?

Is it better to be pessimistic?

Theres a difference between optimistic and ignorant and optimistic and careful. A good doctor can be optimistic, but still realize that care is needed. Your world view doesn't have to affect the way you treat patients. Optimists are usually happier, but that doesn't mean they're all ignorant. Pessimistic people aren't very fun to be around.

Where can I find good fish head soup?

in temple city there is a excellent chinese restaurant called Sea Harbor, on rosemeand blvd, they have live tanks where u can pick out some very nice fish... have them steam , and ask to use the head and tail along w some nice tofu and veggies for a soup! priced not too high, good ambience and fresh fish

Should I start Kerry Collins or Mark Sanchez?

Since Drew Brees is on bye I had Sanchez as a backup but he wasn't producing as much as Collins so I dropped him for Collins. Now with Braylon Edwards there I'm afraid Edwards might have a huge game for his debut which would lead up to points for Sanchez. But the Titans are due with a win and Collins still has more weapons than Sanchez.

Why do some so-called Christian religions pray for the dead?

That's what has puzzled me. If they're dead (technically in Heaven or Hell), and they have alreadly reached their eternal destination, prayer cannot change where God has already sent them.

How are the sin and csc graphs similar?

You know what the graph of y = sin(x) looks like. That's just a wave. The graph of y = csc(x) has asymptotes at x = 0, π, 2π, 3π, etc. In between each of these partitions, the curve of the csc(x) comes from above if the sin(x) curve is above the x-axis and from below if it's below the x-axis, touching the curve at y=1 or y =-1.

A question about Buddhism. As I know, there are two ideas: ?

My experience is that at the core of everything everything is Buddha, all the many different manifestations (maya) is enlightenment.

My son needs a name. Can someone help me?

I've asked this plenty of times and i know some people are sick of me asking lol. Im 38 weeks pregnant (till thurs) and im having a boy. My boyfriend and i were going to name the baby after him (Lamar Q Butler Jr.) but my boyfriend says his middle name is really long so he wouldn't want that for the baby. So we wrote a few names down we had Shamar Lee Butler (my name is shannah his name is lamar and the lee came from his middle name), we also had Lamar Haze Butler or Lamar-Haze Butler (my boyfriend's first name and my mothers name is Hazel. Hazel- Haze. its different). Some people say they don't like the name Lamar Haze because its too "ghetto". Oh well. I just need help. Im trying to decide between Lamar and a few names from my family. (hazel and shannah). HELP PLEASE?

Milk spots or eczema on 5 week old baby?

my little girl is now 5 weeks and from about 3 weeks old she developed red bumps over her face which now covers her whole face, ears, neck, chest and scalp. the spots aren't so much white heads and her skin feels very dry - kinda like goose bumps but more prominent. she doesn't appear to be bothered by them but would a 5 week old baby know how to scratch her face if its itchy? she doesn't seem to be able to co-ordinate yet. the spots seem worse when she's flustered or after feeding ( fed). She also has a crusty eye which always has yellow crust in the eyelashes, this is also worse after she cries - i'm not sure if thats relevant tho. what i want to know is, is this a typical description of milk spots, or could it be something more like eczema in which i should treat? i have aqueous cream which is fab but i don't want to put it on her if its just milk spots. does anyone else have the same problem?

Shipping question? overnight shipping?

i ordered an xbox along w/ 2 games. the 2 games left a while ago but the xbox hasnt shipped yet. it says that the gamesll be here by the end of the day for homes. form ur experience around what time is this? like 6 or 7???

Does the atkins diet work?

i need to loose about 20 pounds (my target is by the end of april, beginning of may) and i have been considering trying the atkins, i just want to get some feedback before engaging in it, i do a lot of walking (at least a mile a day, sometimes more) but i don't have time to go to the gym so are there any benefits from this if I start this diet??? thanx...

How do i reduce my thighs?

em 5.7" & abt 58 kgs........ but i wanna loose a few pounds on my thighs!! i even stopped haven junk food, fried items etc..... i go 2 ma dance cl twice a week.. and i follow 1 excercise daily..... its jst sitten & getten up!! abt 50 times a day..... wt elz cn i do?

W/c most dffcult to fake= hilary pretend support barak OR sharpton and jesse pretend pray success obama?

I would say Both.. Hilary has never supported Obama, that's clear. I do believe Sharpton may wish the best for Obama, so he really is sort of irrelevant. Jesse Jackson, however, is simply a joke and many people have lost a lot of respect for him for numerous reasons, so he's better off keeping his mouth shut for now on.

Guesstimates on the cost of an enclosed porch?

Hi, I have to start budgeting to have an enclosed porch put on the back of my house,a single story ranch type. It will be a straightforward building,12x16 constructed on top of a platform much like a deck (to be constructed), standard framing, metal shed type roof. Four vinyl windows, plus sliding doors.The interior would be finished by us to cut costs. I know I will need estimates from professionals as costs vary widely.But I just need a VERY rough idea of what it might cost. Located in the Hudson Valley NY. Thanks

Do you think there will ever be an All-Texas Super Bowl between the Cowboys and the Texans? could that ever?

happen? don't you think that would be amazing and awesome? Because the state of Texas is a huge Football state, a lot of people say that Football is like Religion there. Anyway, do you think there will ever be a Cowboys-Texans Super Bowl?

Should I move on with my life?

My husband and I have been separated for a little over 8 months. We have been going through marriage counseling. However, I recently found out that he has been having inappropriate relationships with other women. He made a mistake and sent me a text that was meant for someone else. I also found messages on Facebook about his relations with women. I love my husband but Im so tired of the heartache. When confronted all he doea is lies until he finally he reveals smidgets of the truth. Im thinking Divorce.

Can I run a program in the background but without it been in the system tray?

I have a program which alloys me to connect to a downloaded server on another computer and view their screen. However this is in their system tray. Is there a way of running this server without it being noticable (In the background, NOT in system tray). I need a way in which they can only see it if they go into task manager. Many thanks in advance!

How can i clean my boots without ruining them?

I just got a new pair of boots and they are suede like material and i got a black smudge on them so i took my finger and tried cleaning it off and only made it worse. Im affraid if i take water and a wash cloth that it will ruin them. The boots are tan and i think if teh water is on them then the color will change. can u help ?

Lower bachache and no period for 3 months but NOT pregnant?

im going to my doctors next week but before i do would apprecter any answers.despite having no perios for over 3 months and lower backache for about a month i have got loads of negative test including one from doctor. so what do you guys think it could be? im 20 and had periods since i was 12 and obviously nothing to do with menopause. just worrying thinking something could be really wrong. thanks :)

Where would most British women have given birth in the post war era (late 40s early 50s)?

During the war especially, it was mostly birth at home. Usually you would have the neighbours in the house helping and the whole street would come out to see what was happening and see if they could help.

Is this a good 10 gal fish tank set-up?

Once again Emily is spot on. You need a ratio of 3 females to 1 male when it comes to guppies. The tetras are schooling fish and you should have at least 6 in a school. That means picking one, black neon or neon. Instead of the guppies you could get a couple of corydoras catfish. That way you'd have a mid level group (school of tetras) and bottom feeders (catfish). Having two levels adds interest and balance to your aquarium.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The start of my novel. Opinions please?

It's a little to boring for me, it's well written, but I've never read a book that began with sewing. So I would rewrite it, make it grab the reader.

Are the ugg boots sold on authentic?

I wanted to buy more ugg boots for the winter, but i dont have much money to buy the ones from the ugg Australia site so i was wondering if like that is real bc its cheap!

Could somebody find a newspaper aritcale or just something telling me how this happened?

Normally, when cause of death isn't mentioned, it's more than likely suicide, but not always. Call or write the funeral home and have them check their old records, or go to the library and look for newspaper articles around that date. Usually obit and story can be found on same page if it was an 'accident'. Once in a great while it could be illness, but usually stated as such. Good luck in your search!

Should i get cooling? and if so what should i get?

of course you should get cooling.... for one the processor needs a cooling fan. and also you need a fan to direct the heat outside of your box. and also if u want to and i would recomend it... is get a fan to cool down your hard drive also. you should always have at least 3 fans inside your system. good luck on your project. i built the pc im using right now... oh if your video card doesnt come with an onboard fan. u may consider buying a pci card that is just that.. a fan to keep your card cool.

Memory deterioration leading to a form of dementia.?

Does anyone have any experience and/or statistics that indicate HOW QUICKLY just having a bad memory can deteriorate into some form of dementia? Thanks for any info. (Apologies for the upper-case letters above - I'm not sure how to underline on here.)

What is a good slogan for becoming forensic chemist?

im doing a science project & we have to make brochures on a chemistry career. my career is forensic chemist & i have to make up a catchy slogan . Any help ??

Good song for talent show?

I play the guitar a little. like simple chords. i want to play a song on the guitar while singing for a talent show but i don't know which song to sing. i like "leave the pieces" by the wreckers, "kiss me" by six pence none the richer, and "breakaway" by kelly clarkson. is there a fun and easy song that will catch people's attention that's similar to these songs?

Jews: when Jesus died on the cross, the veil of the temple was rent in twain. Is there any...?

No proof of this, nor any references from contemporary writers, pagan or otherwise, who witnessed the dead rising from their graves. Given how superstitious the Romans were, you would have thought such an event would have rated a LOT of writing.

Is this a good build for a gaming computer?????? HELPPP?

hi ymoney, a few suggestions sandy bridge is a good computer but too powerful graphics can make your computer run hot so what the best mobo is a radeon 4870 with a Nvidia geforce 9800gtx one is for killer graphics and the Nvidia is to keep your computer cool. the rest is a good mobo but one more thing a western digital is not the best choice for hard drive sony is number one but then this was rated number one by pcworld magazine. now one more thing i wanted to do a upgrade so i i wanted intel x58 clified motherboard so i had to call and ask the manufacturer so i have a thermaltake full size case and they told me that it fits with no problem so if i would have had a mid size case it would not have fit so i wonder if you might regret that mid size a few years from no because i have a steel frame so if i decide to upgrade my case is still good so i will not want to throw this computer case away in the trash because it is such a nice case it might last me to the rest of my life. good luck hope i was helpful to you

Who can tell me something about the Battle of L.A. on February 25, 1942?

There was a huge slow moving UFO seen by thousands on that night at 2:30 in the morning, and spotlights were illuminating it while the military shot 1,430 rounds at it, with no results. Was anyone there to see this, or do you know someone who saw it? The whole online article is at Any insights into this?

I had THE weirdest dream...?

Could it be he played the Joker (villan) in Batman? I don't know why though, I thought the Joker was pretty awesome.

How do i make my nose bleed?

i have a very good reason and i know that it leaves me open to infection and all of the health risks and whatever. just tell me how. and no stupid answers like "get someone to punch you" or "run into a wall" or "get a biker angry". dont tell me why i shouldnt do it. just tell me how. give me several options if possible if not whatever just give me a good way to get my nose to bleed. oh and dont tell me to pick my nose.... thats gross... and dont tell me how to fake one either... i want my nose to REALLY bleed.

How do you structure monetary phrases in Japanese?

I know that "yen" in English is pronounced "en" in Japanese and "o-kane" is a formal way of saying "money", but I've been looking around all day and kept getting gibberish. I need to figure out how to phrase monetary statements in Japanese for work; do you say the decimal/dollar value first, which order is each part spoken in, and when/if "en" is in the phrase (also when it is necessary). Any help would be appreciated.

What are the candidates positions on nuclear energy? Don't we need to build new nuclear power plants now?

In order to lessen our dependence on oil. From what I understand, it is impossible to find any spot on Earth that would be seismically inactive for the next 10,000 years. Aren't the Democrats just pandering to the Nevada vote? This should not deter the development of nuclear energy, as waste can be stored if it is "vitrified" (encased in borosilicate gl.)

Annoyed at my neighbor. I caught her doing something against the community rules.. Was this ok to do?

You certainly could have said it in a different way. You are not the front door cop. Why couldn't you have approached her at another time and explained the situation? You owe her an apology for your rudeness.

What is wrong with my PSP web browser?

I want to go on YouTube to watch videos and it says i have Javascript off or sont have my Flash updated. I go to my View Settings and even back home settings to turn both Flash ans Javascript on and it still wont work. No videos from any site work, youtube,,, nothing works. Sometimes it even says i am low on memory ans to turen on Conserve Memory in the view settings area. I did that already and it still wont work. And on YouTube when it says click here to upgrade to flah my PSP freezes on the site! What the hell is going on!?!

Will any of you out there admit to being a waste of space and air?

It must be so as we go to war to end the lives of our enemy, and therefore the above must be reciprocal when they us think likewise?

If white people became a minority would anyone else care?

In 40 years they say white people in America will become a minority do you think when this happens there will be affirmative action to help them or a month would be made for white history? Would the new majority have a care if education for whites declined? Would there be financial aid for whites or a program to help prevent discrimination against whites? Would they help prevent the white race from dieing out or was that the plan all along?

No one won last nights Euromillions, so it now stands at �154,000,000?

So that's mine on tuesday then if I remember to do it of course. However I do agree it would be great if it were a 154 million shared between a substantial amount of people, seems greedy wanting it all,a million would do me fine.

Is there a Spiritual world/realm or is this it>?

this is what i think..We can see physical world w/ our eyes...yet, inorder to feel God we can only do that w/ our hearts...not intellect...I believe our emotions ultimately govern our intellect..therefore if our hearts are "cold and hard" we will try to escape God...and that is why some people try everything they can to rationalize God away..Wut do u think>?

Will Obama and Congressional leaders ignore the clear message that was sent by Machusetts voters?

Will they take a collective look in the mirror and talk with their own constituents or will they simply claim that a bad candidate ran a bad campaign and that DC had noting to do with the results yesterday?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is Santa Claus real or not?

I don't want to ruin the show. So, yes of course he's real. I mean who doesn't believe in old white dudes dressed up in red suits going around the world in one night giving bratty kids presents? I mean c'mon who couldn't believe that.

Could my son be understanding that hes gonna have a sibling soon or is he just understanding how to give affec?

affection?? my son has been really showing alot of affection lately. he just hugs me alot and tells me he loves me, or he gets in the bed with me just to snuggle. hes 3 btw he would tell me he loves me but only when I say it first. but now hes like extremely affectionate. but I dont know if hes doing it because hes understanding that a new baby is coming or could he just be leaning how to give affection?

What chanel is actually broadcasting the ky derby?

I have directv and I can't find anyone showing the actual race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Free/cheap stuff to do in Indy?

Okay, so it's like 4:30 in the afternoon....and me and my friends are bored. We can't really think of anything to any ideas? Not the Art Musuem or White River State Park...we've gone there way too many times.

Of all the different greenhouse gases, which do you believe is the most harmful?

It is hard to pinpoint just one gas. CO2 is bad but one ounce of methane is ten times worse than one ounce of CO2. Methane has many sources. Cattle, ges escaping from underwater, and, most recently they have discovered that plants give off methane as well. Hydrocarbons eliminate ozone which is a protective barrier to harmful solar radiation. It is not so much a global warming problem but excess solar radiation causes cancer. The question is not which gas does the most damage, it is that we need to restore some balance back into the atmosphere.

Master Card Commercial - Bon Jovi?

In the master card commercial where they talk about being at the place where Bon Jovi played his first song, what was the song going in the background?

Is my Fantasy Baseball Team good(Ninjas of doom)?

It's a Good team for a 12 team league but where are your pitchers? If this is a 10 team league you better be active on the wire cause there are some holes you need to address

Should I drop Ronnie Brown?

I'd drop him for Woodhead. Danny Woodhead has been getting some decent looks and double digit fantasy points 4 of his last 5 games (Depending on how your league scores, anyway).

Does this sound ok to you?(queston on a personal injury lawsuite)?

Well the damage to your vehicle would tell you if she just tapped you. Yes, it could take longer than a year to settle your claim, you need to be concentrating on getting your injuries treated right now, not the settlement. The attorney will work out the falsehoods on the police report. A GOOD attorney will not even begin to settle your case until you are done treating and have reached maximum medical improvement.

How do I go about ever viewing my own medical records - the one in the doctor's surgery?

Maybe someone's gone through the rigmarole of this, is it all hle and forms or is it straightforward? This request is for Scotland area so I presume one'd go through a city-based central office before approaching the surgery? Is it all left in for you to view or (given that the workers involved have loads 'n loads o' free time.. lol!..worth asking that bit I think though!) is some of it taken out that they would not want you to see?

How can I avoid getting tired while working out?

Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and don't drink soda so that you stay hydrated. Getting in shape before your season will also help with your endurance - also get enough rest and eat healthy.

Find the ppm of phosphates and nitrates in the water?

There is no easy way to do it. Both of these ytes require lab testing by specific means determined by USEPA. There are home checks (see reference), but normally they do not work well if the water is very clean or very dirty. They are at best semi-quantitative. Some of these can be bought at pool or hot tub stores and maybe some hardware stores.

English speakers!! can you check my grammar please? thank you?

This will be easier for me if I just copy your essay into Word, make the corrections, then email it to you.

HBK vs JBL no way out question!?

When Rebecca punched JBL how come Shawn was not disqualified because it was outside interference? Im glad he didnt get disqualified cuz HBK is the best ever!! But i was just wondering bc the ref clearly saw it

1999 Yamaha Blaster Ignition?

i lost my key for my blaster does it matter what year i get another ignition from? i would get the new ignition from another blaster

Hilary Duff/Miley Cyrus?

I borrowed my friends Ipod for an upcoming trip because I lost mine in school. I noticed that he has 200 songs but 28 of them are from Hilary Duff and 4 from Miley Cyrus. He has songs from Linkin Park, Akon, Timbaland etc also but I still find it wierd that he likes songs meant for 8-12 year old girls. He is 25 years old. I found that really odd... do you?

What does pink eyed mean?

I was watching knoked up and there's a part where the dude goes to his house where his roomates greet him and they have this talk about farting in pillows and stuff and then they talk about getting pink eyed, how does this happen, it is visible of course(they have red eys) but how do you get them?

PPM is so difficult for me, can you be so kind and give me a hand, please?

1.20 g of a sample of steel was dissolved in hydrochloric acid and the solution made up to 100 cm^3. this solution was found to contain 150 ppm of manganese. what is the percentage of manganese in the sample of steel?