Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If McCain wins, does that mean the majority of Americans are dumb?

I have to say that people complain too much about how Bush messed up the country. Actually, it's not Bush who messed it up. It was the people who voted for Bush. THEY messed up their own country. It's their fault our economy are screwed up and the war is still going on and not getting better because they voted for Bush. I knew it from the beginning after John Kerry lost, our country would be screwed up. The only choice I had was to just sit back and wait til people can see themselves what a big mistake they made voting for Bush. Are you going to make another dumb mistake by voting for McCain? McCain actually supports Bush's economic plans which screwed us up. Now we have to pay our money more to the banks, we can't sell our houses and we have to be laid off from our jobs. It's America's fault we're screwed, not Bush's!

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