Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So deployed husband never calls or emails but did after I sent his care package.... please read?

ok, Last month he calls me from Iraq starts a fight over the phone and screams in my ear and hangs up. It's been over a month he been on myspace every day and changed his status to SINGLE talking to girls from where we went to high school from and his mother who stole his identity and now he owes money to a bank ( over 5,000 dollars) back on topic. Even though he did that I took my daughter shopping and we put together a care package filled with valentines day things and his monthely essential vitamins underwear etc. Well he ignores me all Jan not even a email how is our daughter doing nothing, well Thursday he sends an email in all CAPS saying take money for the bills but leave me and extra 200 bucks that was all it said, yesterday Valentines Day his command gave out mail he got his care package and then he sends a crappy email: Happy valentines Day I love you and some more crap and baby this and baby that. He has spent over a grand in Iraq. These wives here at this base act like I am doing something wrong and He is just stressed. But a few military guys I know said he is cheating I dont know what to think anymore. I quit my job to move down south on base so now I am in school I am trying to finish so I can leave because each deployment he treats me and his daughter worse. I had to send home a package for my daughter because she was so Stoked her Daddy was sending her a valentines day gift but he didn't. So she sent him an email, she asks why do the kids at school dad always talk to their dad and she don't I am so depressed and irritated and don't know what to do What is the deal? I am also tired of these stick up their *** wives who don't work and haven't finished school blaming the wives. I know a few wives in my boat and a few in other situations but we have no one to go to because we get looked at as if we are the problem and if we tell on them we ruin their career and thats what is said to us, basically shut up and deal with it. I need help........ Please

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