Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to deal with a major ?

Ok so this girl ive known for a really long time whom i've recently become attracted to began flirting with me the other night at this small get together of friends. Alcohol had been flowing around so my confidence was at its peak. Unfortunetely for me her ex boyfriend (they remain friends) was there, and i could tell he was pissed by the look on his ever so unnatractive face while he blabbered angrily to this other blonde (probably about his feelings for my crush, shes totally not interested in him in that way, believe me). I had to go to the washroom so i quickly up and went telling her id be back in a second. When i got back i found out her ex had suggested everyone watch a movie and was sitting right next to the hottie on the end of the couch(totally cutting me off) So i sat across the room impatiently watching this dumb movie. After it ended, to my dismay, he began getting all friendly wither her, like a gay friend, you know, little friendly punches and laughs, until 3 in the morning. So this dude falls asleep, and my crush looks over at me(like she wanted me) and then walked over towards me. I teased her about something playfully, she laughed, and then sudsenly this ****** (pardon my language) rises up from the dead, and walks over to my crush and throws his arm around her. He then has the nerve to ask what were talking about. So we all stay up a little while later, my fist ever so tightly clenched, and then my crush decided shed go to bed. So its now four in the morning and I, for the first time in my morally fabricated life actually want to stick a knife into someones heart. I know he didnt to it by accident, this purely wanted to screw with my night. My question is, what do i do know, what do i say to this guy if he does it again, what do is say to her know, and would killing him for this constitute (In the province of Ontario) anraged maslaughter or would i get the full whammy sentence? P.S to all you blockers out there who do your job out of spite and the unfortunate fact you can't 'get any', go **** yourselve.s. Its like i wasted 5 beers on this prick

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