Thursday, August 11, 2011

My son needs a name. Can someone help me?

I've asked this plenty of times and i know some people are sick of me asking lol. Im 38 weeks pregnant (till thurs) and im having a boy. My boyfriend and i were going to name the baby after him (Lamar Q Butler Jr.) but my boyfriend says his middle name is really long so he wouldn't want that for the baby. So we wrote a few names down we had Shamar Lee Butler (my name is shannah his name is lamar and the lee came from his middle name), we also had Lamar Haze Butler or Lamar-Haze Butler (my boyfriend's first name and my mothers name is Hazel. Hazel- Haze. its different). Some people say they don't like the name Lamar Haze because its too "ghetto". Oh well. I just need help. Im trying to decide between Lamar and a few names from my family. (hazel and shannah). HELP PLEASE?

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