Thursday, August 11, 2011

Milk spots or eczema on 5 week old baby?

my little girl is now 5 weeks and from about 3 weeks old she developed red bumps over her face which now covers her whole face, ears, neck, chest and scalp. the spots aren't so much white heads and her skin feels very dry - kinda like goose bumps but more prominent. she doesn't appear to be bothered by them but would a 5 week old baby know how to scratch her face if its itchy? she doesn't seem to be able to co-ordinate yet. the spots seem worse when she's flustered or after feeding ( fed). She also has a crusty eye which always has yellow crust in the eyelashes, this is also worse after she cries - i'm not sure if thats relevant tho. what i want to know is, is this a typical description of milk spots, or could it be something more like eczema in which i should treat? i have aqueous cream which is fab but i don't want to put it on her if its just milk spots. does anyone else have the same problem?

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