Monday, August 8, 2011

Fashion emergency really need help?

if you don't want to look stuck-up, for the shoes i would suggest wearing high brown boots with VERY LOW HEEL. you can maybe wear some khaki skinny pants and for the top, wear a white shirt-shirt, like with ons and a collar. but leave the first few top ons open, you don't want to seem too nerdish. no sweater or cardigan, as it will not go with this outfit. if it is cold, wear a coat (I know you don't like coats but it's not part of the outfit.) Just wear the coat when you are outside when it is cold, and take it off immediately when you get inside. for the hair, i would recommend you straightening it and then putting it in a loose, low ponytail. now for the makeup, wear foundation, but not so much that it looks cakey. put on some very very light eyeshadow, light eyeliner, and put on the eyebrow pencil normally. no mascara unless you have extremely blond eyelashes. even light brown eyelashes look fine just the way they are. mascara will look out of order with the rest of the preppy outfit. maybe some small silver or diamond studs for jewelry, and if you absolutley want to wear a necklace, wear something with a very small pendant that matches with the sliver/diamond studs. oh, and also, no lip gloss. wear chapstick if your lips are dry, and if you need some color, get colored chapstick. they look natural.

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