Monday, August 8, 2011

What do you think? Sorry about grammar and punc.!?

Your in my head not a thought but a figure.Smiling,living,laughing.The pair of camaras i call eyes have recorded and replay our moments together second by second.Pause,rewind,play.Over and over again in my mind i see you.Yours you say hypnotize me into a trance i can never escape.You speak to me and look at me in a way that i always respond to but never actually understand what i am saying nor doing.I am trapped in your eyes watching spark with life.I watch you move this way and then the opposite.I'm back,out of my trance and back to reality. Happy?Estactic!I love it when we walk. Just you and me.When i'm with you everything seems to disappear from our reality.I hate it when you have to go. One more step with me is fine. One more step,look,smile,When we hug i could hold you forever. I touch you as long as i can before we part so far i can't even see you.I stand back and watch you go.I love you no doubt.But do you love me?

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