Sunday, August 7, 2011

Should i stay with my wife even though she cheated on me?

I am only 23 and my wife is 33 and in all honesty i don't think i would even be in this mess had i listened to my family and gotten married as young as i did but instead i was blinded by love and ignored them. Well i came home from work the other night and caught my wife in bed with another guy and i love her so much i do and i don't know why but i just left and i am just staying in a hotel for now until i can figure out what to do. My family keeps telling me to just divorce her and listen to them now and not go through anymore heartache well she came today and begged me to come back and saying how sorry she is and that she will never do it again and will do whatever i want her to do if i will just come back. What should i do? advice?

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