Sunday, August 7, 2011

Does Manny Ramirez like playing in Boston?

I think Manny enjoys his time at Fenway, and we all know that he has great success in the field and at the plate while playing in Boston. He knows every part of that left field wall and how to play the bounces. He has thrown out a lot of runners trying to get to second base because he can just turn and fire the ball wherever he wants-- a lot of the time looking like he has no idea where it will end up. He is having a little worse year this season, but when the summer gets here and it gets warmer out, the bats will heat up and Manny will be going yard over the monster 3-4 times a week. So to say Manny doesn't like playing in Boston wouldn't make sense. Yes he has had some complications with management, but he is really good friends with Ortiz, Youk, Lugo, Cora, and especially Tavarez, along with Tito and the rest of this team. He definitely has a great fan base here in Boston and I think that he has a good time. However, in all honesty, I don't see him staying here when the contract is up. He won a WS here, but now that he has a ring, he will most likely go for the money. He has made a ton already, but hey thats Manny being Manny.

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