Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is there a Climate Change Expert on here(or anywhere)that can disprove MY theory?

Most data used by scientists to link CO2 to warming comes from ice cores showing higher levels of atmospheric CO2 during warmer periods, right? OK, but they've got it backwards, being an amateur scientist myself, I have my own theory that makes much more sense...Levels are higher BECAUSE of warming! Reason: It's the SUN! Otherwise some genius tell me HOW, once warmed, the planet could/would EVER cool back down! Higher Levels of Solar activity are the culprit! No credible scientist denies that the oceans absorb CO2(the cooler they are the more they can hold), AND that warming the oceans releases CO2. So, atmospheric CO2 levels show up higher during warmer periods(when the Sun is hotter)...Nothing more complicated than that...When Solar Output drops, the planet/oceans cool and they reabsorb the CO2, simple basic logic not tied to politics...So you see, CO2 is linked to warming but not the cause...If it was, the warming oceans would keep releasing CO2 until it was ALL in the atmosphere and we wouldn't be here...Now take that!

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