Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is this a good build for a gaming computer?????? HELPPP?

hi ymoney, a few suggestions sandy bridge is a good computer but too powerful graphics can make your computer run hot so what the best mobo is a radeon 4870 with a Nvidia geforce 9800gtx one is for killer graphics and the Nvidia is to keep your computer cool. the rest is a good mobo but one more thing a western digital is not the best choice for hard drive sony is number one but then this was rated number one by pcworld magazine. now one more thing i wanted to do a upgrade so i i wanted intel x58 clified motherboard so i had to call and ask the manufacturer so i have a thermaltake full size case and they told me that it fits with no problem so if i would have had a mid size case it would not have fit so i wonder if you might regret that mid size a few years from no because i have a steel frame so if i decide to upgrade my case is still good so i will not want to throw this computer case away in the trash because it is such a nice case it might last me to the rest of my life. good luck hope i was helpful to you

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