Sunday, August 7, 2011

Has my boyfriend lost interest in me the signs?

ok well we met on an internet dating site in january instantly we hit it off (yeah i no weird since it was via the net) we spoke all day every day via msn ,webcam at the start then via texting and calling....this was literally from the moment we woke up until bed time and most of the time we didnt want to go to bed as we couldnt talk to each other......well about 4 months later he asked me out after a good few dates i said yes.......there has never been a day we havent spoke.......over the past week ive noticed he hasnt been texting like usuall , hasnt been on msn at all and when i met up with him on tuesday which i paid for was lacking in the physical contact (until we started drinking then he couldnt keep his hands off me) he was texting a friend and i dont no how it came about but he showed me the text and it said having an amazing night i couldnt fall out with this girl, i got a great life best family brilliant family and bestest mate ever.......was a nice text and didnt think anything about it but today there has been no contact at all.... yesterday i text him at 7pm he said he was sleeping all day? im wondering what the i couldnt fall out with this girl meant , is he trying to get rid of me? do i not text him see what happens? thanks

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