Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm on the brink of tears, can I vent to you?

Ill be your friend if you want. And dont kill yourself....just think that theres people in worse situations than you. Like when i look in the mirror and think im really ugly even though some people say im handsome. Every time i look in the mirror i just feel awful, at one point i even washed my face with the lights off. But then i thought, theres people who's disabled, i see the elephant man, i see down syndrome kids, i see them all and i think, there happy and there in a worse positon than me. I should just thank God that i have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose and no health issues. And please dont cry...imagining you crying just makes me wanna cry, i know it sounds lame but it does. Try making new friends in real life, who get you. I have loads of friends but just a handful of true friends. And trust me, your probably not ugly, no ones ugly, theres always someone out there who thinks someone is beautiful. Besides, if a loads of people find one girl "hot", it doesnt make her hot. Beauty comes from within. I know it sounds cheesy but it does. A girl can be as hot as she wants, but if she has no personality, then shes just a hot girl, nothing more. I cant gurantee to brighten up your day, but i can brighten up your night lol.

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