Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stupid texts but he wont reply. what should i do?!?

well last night, i was texting my best guy friend and i was flirting cause hes REALLY flirtatious (if thats a word) and i asked him where he was and he said home. then i said something like; well you should come over cause im lonely and i need a snuggle buddy xD and he didnt reply and i waited for a while. so i texted him; hehe (; jk and he didnt text back. so this morning, the girl he likes posted on Facebook so i said; heeeyyyy, go on Facebook and look at Kaleys status (; and he never said anything. then when i went to the grocery store with my mom, i saw his mom and she just glarred at me a bit. she does glare at everyone though so im not sure if that was a coincodence. what should i do?

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